While many people have an Amazon kindle, one thing that they do not realize is that they can, in fact, return books that they have purchased. Returning kindle reader books is something that many people, especially those who have children, wish that they knew about beforehand; as children can easily purchase books by accident.

The reason that people don’t usually know about kindle tips such as returning books is because Amazon considers returning these books to be a secret. Thankfully, it is not difficult at all to return a book, especially when it is an accidental purchase, or one that one of the children made by mistake.

The process of returning a book that was bought by accident or does not live up to your expectations is actually extremely simple to do. Go into your kindle library, then choose “actions” next to the title of the book, then pick return for refund. However, make sure that the book as purchased seven days ago or less, as Amazon will not offer refunds on books that were purchased sooner. Pretty simple, isn’t it ?

Along with saving money by returning books that were not what you thought they would be, it is extremely simple to use this method for screening books. When you aren’t certain about whether or not you want to buy a book after reading the previews that are available, simply purchase it, read it and return it before a week has passed.

Amazon will not allow people to return books to them if a week or longer has elapsed. The reason behind this is simply because they think if a person has a book on their e-reader for a week or longer, that person likes the book they have purchased and as such, they will not refund the money.

Keep in mind though that once you’ve returned a book and have received a refund, you will no longer be able to access it on your kindle reader. If you return a book that you actually purchased because you liked it, then do not return that book, or you will not be able to read it again at a later date. Only return books that you honestly are not sure about, purchased by accident, or that your child ended up purchasing while they were playing with your e-reader.

There is currently no limit to how many books you can return, which is something that is extremely helpful, especially if you are not the only person who reads your kindle.

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