I have been an avid user of BrainPop with my children, whether it was helping them with their homework, revising for exams or simply testing their knowledge – BrainPop has provided a fun, easy and clever solution. In case you haven’t heard of it, BrainPop is a unique and fun way to help your kids study at home, it is a website containing educational videos, games and activities that are largely aimed grades 3 to 8, but there is a lot of content that will be useful to your kids until 12th grade. Also, there is content for younger kids to be found at BrainPop Jr. (Kindergarten to 3rd grade). It’s used in around 20% of American schools, accessed by millions of kids everyday and has won several educational awards – and there is a reason for that! It’s one of the best home teaching resources I have ever used and I want to share with you why it is so great.

The reason I like the site so much is that the educational activities are made so entertaining and engaging for your kids. The activities and videos are hosted by Tim and his robot pal Moby, they talk to your kids, make some bad jokes but get the teaching done in a concise, accurate and entertaining way. My kids absolutely love the videos, half the time they don’t even realize they’re doing homework! BrainPop has made my job as a mom so much easier, no more fuss about homework and less worrying about my kids falling behind at school. Even if they have a sick day, your kids can keep up with the class from bed by spending some time on BrainPop on a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

BrainPop covers the main parts of the American school curriculum and divides its educational resources into six areas: Math, English, Science, Technology & Engineering, Social Studies, Health and Arts & Music. Within each area, there are various topics which your child can choose to learn about. Each topic begins with a video, featuring Tim and Moby talking about the topic and explaining it, which is followed up by a quiz to check that your child took everything in. Some lessons also feature games and other activities to engage with your kids in different ways and cater for all learning styles.

Unfortunately, BrainPop is not an entirely free resource. You can sample some of their lessons for free but the majority of the content is accessible only by subscription. The subscription is only $60 a year, which is a solid investment in your child’s future. If you’re lucky, your child’s school will have purchased a subscription for use in the classroom, so they should provide you with login details for your child to access the videos at home as well. If your local school doesn’t provide you with access, there is a free trial available to parents on the website. Even if you do have to end up paying, I would highly recommend it. You would pay for textbooks to help your child learn, so why not BrainPop?

So make sure to take advantage of this amazing home school resource. Your kids will thank you for it and I bet you will see an immediate change in their attitude to home study and in their grades at school – I know I did!

About this author 

Sherry Li is the founder of SavvyLivings.com. Just like a lot of the busy parents out there, she is a working mother with two lovely kids who give her the biggest joy in life. Her favorite thing to do is to spend time with her children, and strive to plant the wise living ideas and thoughts into their minds, and nurture them into responsible, self disciplined, high achieving adults.